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A Brief History Of The University

East Ukraine Volodymyr Dahl National Universityis one of the leading establishments of higher education in Ukraine. It was founded in 1920 in memory of Vladimir Dal. It is one of the oldest University in Ukraine. For more than 90 years, East Ukraine Volodymyr Dahl National has helped shape the lives and communities of people in Ukraineand around the world. Its forward-thinking spirit, research-led teaching, and cutting-edge discoveries make East Ukraine Volodymyr Dahl National, Ukraine’s defining university.

Besides branches in Luhansk the university has branches in other Ukrainian cities (Sievierodonetsk, Rubizhne, Krasnodon, Antratsyt, Livadiya, Feodosiya, Yevpatoriya, Skadovsk). Nowadays the university has level IV accreditation, with 24 faculties and nearly 1,083 professors, 742 of them PhD's. The university owns 55 buildings in east and south crimea Ukraine, University has about 36,000 Ukrainian (and about 800 foreign) students and confers degree 124 majorsat the associate's, bachelor's, master's and doctoral levels.

East Ukraine Volodymyr Dahl National Universityis dedicated to the three broad purposes already mentioned-learning, research, and service: learning, on-campus and off-campus, to enhance the intellectual, cultural, social, and professional development of its students; research, both to extend the present limits of knowledge and to bring deeper insight, understanding, and usefulness to existing knowledge; and service, to apply knowledge and the fruits of research to the lives of people.Students experience direct involvement in the city's civic, business and cultural opportunities.

About Dovera Trust Plus

We are a specialised Organization that provides accurate and realistic counseling to the prospective students willing to pursue further education in Ukraine. We have long established expertise in school management, educational-based training, inclusion and inclusive practices as well as strategic management and planning.
As a leading Ukrainian educational consultant, Dovera Trust Plus provide total solution to the students by matching the profiles of the students with the right institution and destination. Our main focus is to provide accurate and realistic counseling to the prospective students willing to pursue further education in Ukraine.-Dr. Mohammad Alatoom, Chairman

We take an opportunity to provide consultancy to students at all stages of education, like; Undergraduates, Masters and PhD programmes; where more than thousands of students gained admission yearly. We provide total solution to students by matching your profiles with your interest. Committed to provide quality, professional consulting and unique support to help you get into a better university and live a best life in the right institution, atmosphere and destination.    - Kanana Albertina Fudheni, Director DTP Namibia.

Why Dovera Trust Plus?

Here are some reasons why you can trust Dovera Trust Plus:

Why Study In Ukraine

Ukrainian educational system is considered to be the part of former Soviet Union’s educational system, which educational system was rightfully recognized as one of the best in the world. An interesting peculiarity of our education is an individual approach to the lecturer’s student. Lecturers know their students by name. Here a lecturer works with a group of 30 students and knows everybody by name.